Gone are the days of plain old, boring grey concrete around you home or in your business. Not only do you have the choices of exposed aggregate, honed and polished concrete, but you can also get a large variety of coloured concrete. Landscapers Perth specialise in all aspects of coloured concrete for your commercial or residential property. Coloured concrete can give your space a sleek, modern appearance to your area. What is coloured Concrete? Coloured concrete is created through the addition of oxide to give the concrete a different colour as opposed to the traditional grey. The vast range of colour concrete can be combined with a wide array of patterns and finishes.

There are two main methods of providing a coloured concrete

Colour Through

Coloured concrete with colour through is standard grey cement or off white which has the coloured oxide mixed through when it is made. This means that the colour is created with a permanent colour. This is the preferred method for coloured concrete by the landscaping experts at Landscapers Perth.

Colour On

A cheaper alternative where oxide is added to the top layer of plain grey concrete as it is drying. The disadvantage of the colour on method is that the coloured concrete will not have a lasting colour finish and can wear off leaving patches of plain concrete exposed over time. Once this has begun, there is no way to rectify the problem besides painting the concrete surface.

Doesn’t coloured concrete crack?

Coloured concrete always has a chance to crack, however through the professional installation by the team at Landscapers Perth, steps are undertaken to minimise the risk. The addition of construction joints and cuts minimise the cracking, allowing the coloured concrete to expand and contract with the changes of temperature. These construction cuts with the addition of steel means that cracking will only ever be minor and will not compromise the coloured concrete structurally.

What are the benefits?

Like all concrete surfaces, coloured concrete is low maintenance and suitable for any residential or commercial application. Unlike brick paving, there are no gaps between for weeds and ants to exploit. If sealed with an appropriate sealant, coloured concrete will not show marks and stains. It’s important you ask your landscaping expert for advice on what sealant is most suitable for you coloured concrete project.
Landscapers Perth specialise in all aspects of landscaping; including coloured concrete. The goal of our team of professionals is to leave your area looking stunning and being functional. We take you through the whole landscaping process; from consultation and design advice through to completion. Contact Landscapers Perth today on 0421 974 693 today all your coloured concrete and landscaping needs.

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