Liquid limestone is the the perfect alternative to your traditional coloured concrete. Being suitable for your driveway, paths, crossovers or alfresco and pool areas, liquid limestone provides a cheaper alternative to exposed aggregate and honed concrete, whilst still maintaining that luxurious look. When installed by the expert landscaping team at Landscapers Perth, it can be textured and even stencilled to give you that natural paving look with the advantages that liquid limestone provides.

What is liquid limestone?

Liquid limestone is a mixture of crushed limestone, cement and other additives that has a wide range of applications. It is installed the same as normal concrete, but unlike plain grey concrete has a lovely off-yellow colour that remains cool year round. With a variety of finishes, it can create a sophisticated finish to any area.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Liquid Limestone

Like all concrete surfaces, liquid limestone provides a low-maintenance alternative to brick paving that continues to last. Brick paving, a typical alternative is susceptible to allowing weeds to grow between paving, as well as being vulnerable to ants and sand disappearing between paving bricks. Liquid limestone has no gaps, however can be created to look like traditional paving through the use of stencilled patterns. Other advantages include; - Hard Wearing - Stain Resistant (If sealed correctly) - Easy to Clean - Visual Appealing - Large Range of Finishes
Like all concrete and brick paving, Perth liquid limestone is a natural product that is porous. Being light in colour, it can be susceptible to staining, particularly in a driveway that is prone for leaking oil and black wheel marks for vehicles. To prevent such marks regardless of the area, it’s important to apply a sealant to the liquid limestone. This is typically applied a day or two after the liquid limestone has set. A water based sealer can preserve the natural colour of the liquid limestone, whilst a solvent based sealer can provide a semi-gloss finish to your area. It’s important you ask the landscaping experts at Landscapers Perth as to which sealer suits your needs. As with all concrete, it is susceptible to cracking. To minimise structural cracks, controlled cut lines are cut into the liquid limestone. These controlled cuts prevent major cracking, allowing the liquid limestone to expand and contract with changes in temperature. It’s important to remember that minor cracks may appear over time with all concrete, however cutting and the use of mesh can prevent these from compromising the structural integrity of the liquid limestone.

Why should I choose liquid limestone?

Liquid limestone is become ever-popular as a cheaper, more visually appealing to your traditional grey concrete. Typically applied to driveways, pool areas and alfresco areas, liquid limestone create a coolness that is beneficial in Perth’s hotter summer months. Landscapers Perth specialise in liquid limestone, as well as all things landscaping. Our goal is to seek solutions for your project that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but balance environmental benefits with the financial viability of your project. Contact Landscapers Perth today on 0421 987 483 for all your landscaping needs.

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