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Polished concrete has become all the rage since being featured on renovation TV shows like The Block. It has now become a craze; becoming popular in shops and new homes. Whilst typical Perth polished concrete is grey with a black and white exposed stone; it’s worth contacting Landscapers Perth to chat about the different options, products and finishes.

Whether it’s residential or commercial polished concrete, we are here to give you the run down and the best advice for your needs. It’s always important to remember that our basic summery is only an outline of some polished concrete advantages and disadvantages. To get a better understanding please make sure you speak with one of our experts at Landscapers Perth.

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a large mass under foot meaning it provides more protection from the external elements; leading to a better under-foot experience. Polished concrete naturally is heated and cooled by the ground, instead of being influenced by the outside temperature. Having a larger mass than your typical floors like tiles means that polished concrete tends to avoid dramatic heat changes. This means that your polished concrete floor tends to be warmer in the winter and remain cooler in the summer. If your looking for extra warms in the winter, you can always look at under floor heating and insulation for your home. Speak to one of the experts at InsulGuard Insulation about your insulation needs.

Doesn’t Concrete Crack?

Concrete always has a risk of cracking, but that’s where you make sure you seek a professional installer like those at Landcapers Perth. Steps to minimise the risk of cracking can include the addition of extra steel, increasing the strength (mpa) of the concrete, good preparation of the sand base as well as proper timing and job planning. As a natural product it is always susceptible to the heat changes in the ground; expanding and contracting with the change in temperature. This can mean that minor cracks may appear over time, but don’t hinder the strength and durability of the polished concrete floor.

What are the benefits ?

- Dust Free
- Seamless
- Hypoallergenic
- Hard Wearing
- Stain Resistant
- Easy to Clean
- Visual Appealing
- Large Range of Finishes

Polished Concrete Options

Real Polished Concrete

Real polished concrete uses a penetrative sealer added to a specialised concrete mix designed for polished concrete. The penetrative sealer rather than a topical sealer allows the polished concrete to maintain it’s properties over a longer period of time.

The advantages include;
- No long waiting times typically associated with sealing/coating systems
- No topical sealer means that it can’t wear off
- No roller marks
- Topical sealers create a laminate meaning the concrete can’t breathe, causing peeling, bubbling, discolouration. Real polished concrete doesn’t use topical sealers.

Grind & Seal

Grind and seal polished concrete is a popular alternative in concrete resurfacing. The process involves grinding the concrete surface with progressively finer discs; then applying a clear topical sealer to give protection, prevent wearing of the surface and add shine.

Some advantages include;
- No installation cost typically as used for resurfacing
- Can be made slip-resistant by adding beading/grit.
- Full gloss and satin finishes available
- Appropriate for outdoor areas and can even include UV satin finish

Acrylic System

Similar to the process of grind and seal; however, an acrylic sealer is used. This acrylic finish is popular in showrooms, retail outlets, restaurants and commercial establishments.

The advantages include;
- Can be used to refurbish old floors to bring back from being dulled off
- Acrylic sealing is food grade, meaning it is ideal for application in restaurant and food areas.
- When real polished concrete is not available, acrylic sealing can be used to provide a high gloss level on older floors.

What polished concrete colours can I get?

Visit our Concrete Gallery to see all the colours available, as well as some of the projects we have undertaken.

Landscapers Perth specialise in polished concrete, as well as all things landscaping. Our goal is to seek solutions for your project that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but balance environmental benefits with the financial viability of your project. Contact Landscapers Perth today on 0421 987 483 for all your landscaping needs.

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